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Our products are still the original ‘Bubby’s Blintzes’ you've grown to love, yet we've customized the packages to fit your lifestyle. In individual 2 pk, family 4 pk, dietary sugar free and event platters, our cheese filled crepes are available for you to select and enjoy. 

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Recommended Use


Recommended individual use:

Try Bubby’s blintzes for lunch or dinner and do gift it for the new mom, recovering patient or special someone in your life. 

Making moments sweeter ™


Recommended platter use:

Try Bubby’s blintzes for a melave malka, bris, party or corporate event. 

Making moments sweeter ™


Please make note of our standard packaging process:

● All 2 pk orders are shipped 30 cartons per box.

● All 4 pk orders are shipped 25 cartons per box.

● We ship all out of state products frozen, with dry ice packaging. Frozen products are not

dated and should be properly listed with expiration dates once defrosted.